When They Put Ping Pong Balls On Mouse Traps, The Reaction Is Priceless

It's absolutely wonderful

With the help of experiments, scientists always prove their point with ease. They are supposed to be crazy at times, but the result is worth it! Even we have performed many science experiments in our school and loved the result to the core!

Undoubtedly, the process and the end result never disappoints us! This is also one crazy yet creative experiments that scientists did in order to see the chain reactions!

In order to make their experiment work, a team of scientists set up 2,014 mousetraps and placed ping pong balls on them and the reaction of this experiment will surely be the craziest thing you'll ever see on the Internet

Head on to see what happened next and do watch the complete video at the end of the article. It is really worth every second you spend watching it.

As soon as one rat trap releases the ball, it goes straight to hit another trap and the entire setup is soon in a MAX chaos! In a commercial of Pepsi Max, this experiment was made to initiate and see the results of the chain reactions. It is really breathtaking.

Go ahead and check out the complete video!

Here's the video

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