What Happens When Six People Chat In The Dark? The Result Is A Must Watch

When the lights comes on, all of them are shocked! First impressions redefined.

#3 7 seconds to judge a person

#3 7 seconds to judge a person

You know how people say that first impressions matter?

Well the truth is they do matter. But they aren't always correct either.

Because in the 7 seconds you see a person, you just judge them on what you are seeing on the outside rather than the inside.

In other words, its just your prejudice.

#2 The thing about impressions..

#2 The thing about impressions..

The thing about impressions is that it can change most of the times. But it's all up to you.

A person might be very different than your first impression of them. But you can only find that out if you give yourself a chance to see them for what they really are.

In this Coca-Cola campaign you will see how people's first impression has so much more meaning without "seeing".

#1 Don't judge a book by its cover

Because you never know the words it carries..words that can touch a part of you like never before. That is the same with your impression of people. Don't be hasty in forming your opinions. Just watch the video and see what I mean!

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