Here're Some Of The Most Useful Hacks That You Never Knew About

If there is one thing that's always popular on the internet, it is life hacks.People watching these videos with little tips that are designed to make their life more convenient, or show cool ways we can use stuff lying around our house that we might not have thought of. While some life hacks can be

#5 You wouldn't have guess this.

#5 You wouldn't have guess this.

Life hacks can be really helpful. There are things which we have for conventional use, but when we put them to use in a special way, it augments the usage of the article. The following life hacks are a bit too dangerous and so be careful while implementing them!

#4 The Blowtorch trick.

#4 The Blowtorch trick.

This one helps you construct a blowtorch using simple objects lying at home. All you need for this hack is a few lighters with button ignition and a glue pump.

You will have to adjust the glue pump in such a way that the lights fit in it side by side.Also, make sure that the lights button wedge under the pump's rim.

And then when you push the trigger, you will be igniting all 3 lighters at once which will result in a flame.The best use of this can be at a campsite for starting the fire.

#3 Make your own popcorn machine.

#3 Make your own popcorn machine.

Who knew you could use two cans to make a popcorn machine?

You will need two cans completely empty.The first one needs to be cut, you will need to cut a square out of the side close to the top of the can.Don't forget to leave the top attached and fold it upwards.This move will make sure you aim your popcorn into the bowl.

The second can needs to be cut in half. Make slits on the side of the can. You will have to create a crevice at the bottom for the candle. Right in the middle, you will have to cut a small tab then fold it down. Sliding the first can in such a way that it sits on the top of the second can and leave space for the candle.

Lastly, add popcorn kernels with a bit of oil. You will witness magic when you lit the candle. In the next few minutes your popcorn will be flying out from your makeshift machine.

#2 The perfect squishy stress ball

#2 The perfect squishy stress ball

Always wanted the perfect squishy stress ball? Here you go!

You will need two balloons and an old tooth paste tube. That is it.Use the first one for pulling over the mouth of the toothpaste tube.

You will have to squeeze the toothpaste in its entirety till it fills up and after that knots it firmly. Make sure you are left with a smooth ball by snipping off the excess material.

For making sure you have protection, slip the other balloon at the opening and stretch it over the balloon. And this is how you have a perfectly squishy and functional stress ball at your disposal.

#1 No more hand cramps.

#1  No more hand cramps.

Needed: A bunch of wooden clothes pegs and hot glue gun. While using the pegs, remove the hinges so that you are left with wooden pieces.

Next step, take 4 or 5 pegs and glue them depending on your phone size. But make sure your wedges are facing in the same direction. Do it twice to have two pieces.

Glueing the edges together, attach them at the wedges where they line up.You will be able to prop your phone up by using the grooves in the peg.

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