It Was A Regular Day At The Movies But Then This Video Started To Play On The Screen Which Left Her In Tears.

Tell me, do you believe in love?

#3 Whether you admit it or not, everyone's a romantic at heart.

#3 Whether you admit it or not, everyone's a romantic at heart.

Albeit each being different from the other.

That one thing that everyone(ladies especially) dreams about with as much as hope they do for their wedding day, is the proposal.

The internet has provided us with tear-jerking to the most epic proposals possible. And it once gain provides us with yet another proposal- that is so full of love, creativity, thoughtfulness and .....everything.

This might be the best proposal you might get to see for a while on the internet, so don't miss out! Watch the video below!

#2 She thought her boyfriend was going to the bathroom.

#2 She thought her boyfriend was going to the bathroom.

It just a regular day at the movies with their friends, at least that's what the girlfriend thinks.

The movie starts and some time later, the boyfriend excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

The girl still unaware about what's about to go down continues to watch the movie.

Upfront every thing looks normal in the movie hall but outside it's a flurry of activities.

Everyone they loved- their families and friends were waiting outside to be a part of a moment that would mark a new beginning in the couple's life.

Back inside the movie hall, a video started to play out on the screen.....

#1 The most epic proposal video ever!

The video brought the girl to tears. So much happening and she's cant help but laugh and cry at the same time.

And just as the video ends, in comes her boyfriend in a tux, a man on a mission. A mission to make his girl, his wife, for life.

Watch this epic proposal here!

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