Hypnotizing Performance Of Russian Synchronized Skaters Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

This is really going to blow your mind. Absolutely fantastic

#3 The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships

#3 The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships

The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships has been annually held since 2000. This championship competition attracts brilliant skating teams from across the world to participate and stuns the world with their fantastic performances.

Over the years, the level of the competition has been rising up.

#2 The Teamwork

#2 The Teamwork

Each team from a country consist of 8 – 20 persons that move as one flowing unit at high speeds while completing difficult footwork. Their performances are brilliantly choreographer and well-timed.

While all the teams put their best foot forward, this performance put up by the Russian team in The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championship 2013 is beyond the words could describe. It is by all means hypnotizing, the video will make you glued to the screen for its whole run! Check out their brilliant performance in the video ahead.

#1 The Fantastic Performance

Watch out the fantastic performance in this video

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