Here's a easy way to completely skin a watermelon

There's never a bad time to have a watermelon

#3 The Melon Saga

#3 The Melon Saga

It's never a bad time to have this refreshing juicy fruit to beat the summer heat! Moreover, being rich in fibre and water content, this fruit is packed with healthy nutrients that will make you feel refreshed and keep you full for a long time!

However, often, skinning the melon is quite a task that's extremely annoying and hence we don't buy it that much! That's why Nifty has brought an extremely incredible solution to this! Want to know about it? Read on!

#2 Skinning a Melon

#2 Skinning a Melon

Watching the video that's embedded on the next page will surely change the way you peel a melon! The nifty way is not only quick and easy but is also a delight to watch someone do that!

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, demonstrates how to “skin” a watermelon in the video below! Check it out!

#1 Have a look at the video

I can't wait to try this out next time! What about you? Tell us in the comments below but before that watch this video!

Here's the video

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