He Lives In This Tiny $150 Camper, Now Take A Look Inside

Oh, that's absolutely gorgeous!

#3 The Stealth Camper

#3 The Stealth Camper

What comes to your mind when you see this small camp that is being carried away on a bicycle? Well, almost anyone would think of it as a normal camp but Paul Elkins would happily disagree!

Popularly being called "The Stealth Camper", he is traveling across the country in his tiny home. You have to see the entire house from the inside to believe that it is awesome!

#2 The Tiny Home

#2 The Tiny Home

Weighing merely 60 pounds, the construction of this tiny camp costed a sum of $150 to Paul. And it is incredibly awesome from inside. This tiny little home which can be beautifully called a home away from a home does not merely provide shelter to Paul. But, it is a fully functional home having a small shelf, kitchen area and lying room!

Go ahead to see the interior designing of this cute camp in the video! It is sure setting some serious travel goals!

#1 Check out the video

Here's how the tiny camper looks from the inside. It is really incredible. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below!

Check out the entire designing of this tiny camper in the video underneath!

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