Get Ready To Groove As These Girls Shakes To The Newest Dance Form Named kizomba Dance.

One of the sensuous till date.

#3 The Thing Called Dance..

#3 The Thing Called Dance..

Dance has been defined in many ways by many people, to some worship dance while some takes it as a mode of expressing themselves, while to some, dance is to let go all the worries and enjoy the moment. Each one of us have a different perspective towards this form or art. There have been many forms of dances off late. Some are being followed since folklore while some are being introduced either by mixing two different forms or giving it a format all alone. It needs dedication and hard work to become a great dancer.

These girls have got some newer form of dance which they call as kizomba dance.

#2 The Booty Shake.

#2 The Booty Shake.

We've seen belly dance, involving major part of the belly moving like a swift water wave. The strokes and fluency around the belly is surely a show stealer but this kizomba dance has been winning hearts too.

The way these girls are moving their hip area, the stiffness yet fluidity is name-dropping.

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#1 You'll Lose Your Heart To This.

With every beat, they shake their Booty and with every step, I bet you'll want to get off your seat and match steps with them. Such well synchronized performance is totally breathe taking.

Watch this mesmerizing outstanding perfume by these girls below.

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