Brilliant Mom Installs A Tiny Pink Door, Now Watch Her Daughter's Face When She Looks Inside

Its absolutely gorgeous!

#3 The Brilliant Mom

#3 The Brilliant Mom

Moms are brilliant, no matter what! Really, mine built my favorite doll house for me on my 2nd birthday. They are loving, they are caring and above all they are highly creative!

They can go to any extent to see a beautiful smile on their daughter's face! Sally Copus is one such creative mom who invented a fun parenting aid that helps to encourage creativity and good behavior in the children

She installed a little pink door in her daughter's room that will connect her to the fairy world! You'll be amazed to understand how it functions!

#2 The Lil Fairy Door

#2 The Lil Fairy Door

Upon inventing this brilliant parenting aid, Sally took her idea to Shark Tank Australia for funding, and the investors absolutely loved this idea. Since then, there has been no stopping!!

This lil fairy door is a way to make the children learn about a lot of things, through it, the parents can easily pass on messages and inspirational quotes to boost up the child's confidence level whenever they're in need

Really, I wish I got those lil messages from the fairy world in my childhood. See the entire video of how the door looks in the video ahead

#1 The Video

So, this mom found an awesome way to keep her children away from too much television and video games! When she installed the lil door in her daughter's room, the little princess' reaction is adorable!

Catch the glimpse of the room in the video here

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