18 Sailors Stand Absolutely Still. Then, The Man In The Center Screams And They Move As One

Beautiful co-ordination!

#3 The Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Team

#3 The Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Team

The presidential ceremonial honor guard team was invited for an international competition where they were going against the military teams from across the world, but they were breathtakingly excellent in their moves!

Without a doubt, with their performance, the team won the first prize. Scroll over to see the complete performance of these sailors!

#2 The Ceremonial Unit Of Navy

#2 The Ceremonial Unit Of Navy

This unit was established in 1931 to represent the service in presidential, private, and public ceremonies in any way that helps show the world how skilled the nation’s warriors truly are.

The entire routine that they present is breathtakingly beautiful. Want to have a look at their routine? Go ahead to view. Undoubtedly, it is too good to give a miss!

#1 Beautiful Co-ordination

They looked really enticing in their performance. You can't help but watch the video twice to satiate your visual needs. The movements and coordination is too perfect!

See it for yourself, here!

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