Taiwanese Model Opens Up About The Meme That Annihilated her Career

Look at how social media can even ruin the life of a well set celeb too. People definitely need to see this for sure..

#5 The Meme

#5 The Meme

Yes, I remember the bizarre story behind this terrible meme which ruined the career and life of Heidi Yeh, a beautiful looking Taiwanese model.

She was told before the snap was taken that this pic will only be used for one-time printing purpose.

But now the meme circulates in every possible corner of the world!!

#4 Career

#4 Career

She reportedly worked for giants like Sony but this meme ruined everything.

The children in this snap were photoshopped and the meme describes “The only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids.”

People made fun of an ugliest possible back story :(

#3 Back story

#3 Back story

The rumoured back story is as follows,,

A rich business man married a beautiful woman and they end up having three kids. All the three of them are born ugly and then the father doubts if his wife had a plastic surgery earlier...

The photo was photoshopped and made into parts. This disgusting story was added to it and what else ?? I believed it myself !!!

#2 Life

#2 Life

Not just career was affected but also her personal life too.

She was explaining about how work life was hell.. Every firm questioned her if that surgery story is really true...

Like this isn't enough, her fiance's family had some issues regarding this too :(

Yeh was all tears when she was giving an interview for BBC

#1 Bold Step

At last after so many humiliations, she gave some thought process to this issue and decided to take up a bold step.

She arranges a BBC interview in which she clearly explains about how the life and careers of children will be destroyed if this continues..

Respects to you Yeh.. You did a great job.. :)

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