THIS Is How Micheal Jackson's Youngest Kid Looks Like!

Take a look!

Michael Joseph Jackson is a name that will always remain in our heart! Though he died soon, he left his super cute three kids to follow his rocking footsteps!

Prince Michael 'Blanket' Jackson II was born on February 21st, 2002 and is Jackson's third child. The 'Blanket' surname has been given him by his very famous father, Michael Jackson. He was just a seven-year-old cutie when his father descended to heavens! There are just a few pictures with his father which he cherishes as beautiful memories.

Blanket is a 13-year-old teenager now and attends an elite Buckley school in Los Angeles and is also learning martial arts and has always kept a relatively low profile since his father's death in 2009.

But Blanket is in headlines now for a very strange yet a reasonable reason.

Prince Michael Blanket Jackson is now Bigi Jackson now. According to Radar Online, bullying and mean behaviour are the reasons behind his decision .

But what is the reason to bully such a cutie that forced him to even change his name given by his beloved father? Check out. Continue ahead.

According to sources, his school mates have been mean to him because of their jealousy of who he is and going by his name made him an easy prey. Annoyed by all bullying and teasing, he has changed the name.

Bigi lives with his older brother Prince Michael Joseph Jackson,19 and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson,18, and his paternal grandmother, Katherine Jackson,86, in Encino, California.

All the three Jacksons have their social media account with Bigi on Twitter. He retweets those who defends his father.

We feel sorry for you Bigi! Live your life and love your name

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