Let's See What Eminem's Wife Is Up To Nowadays!

Life is not always what you expect it to be.

#5 Love at First Sight

#5 Love at First Sight

Eminem didn't have it easy when growing up. His dad abandoned him when he was just a baby and cut all ties with him. Leaving Eminem's mother to care for her son single-handedly. But none of that stopped Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, from rapping. He was just 14 at that time.

Music brought them together in high school.

Kim first saw Eminem when he was rapping to LL Cool J's "I'm Bad" on top of a table, shirtless. Kim was 13 and Eminem was 15 when they first met in high school. And not long after, Kim and her twin sister, Dawn started living with Eminem and his mother after running away from their home.

#4 It was never easy for either of them.

#4 It was never easy for either of them.

Eminem failed ninth grade three times and was subjected to bullying all throughout his school years. Finally when he was 17, Eminem dropped out of school. Both Eminem and Kim grew up in the hard surroundings of Detroit, Michigan.

Things started to look up for Eminem when he started to gain popularity as a rapper. But....

Things weren't so great in his relationship with Kim. His fame took a huge impact on both of them. Drugs and alcohol only made it worse than it already was. But yet these two couldn't stay away from each other. And so on the Christmas Day of 1995, their daughter Hailie Jordan Scott was born. But again sadly, nothing changed.

#3 They never stopped fighting.

#3 They never stopped fighting.

Even after the baby was born, they never stopped fighting. But both Eminem and Kim tried to make it work, at least for their daughter's sake. They even got married in 1999.

But fame drove them apart...

And then Eminem was put on two years of probation for assaulting a bouncer at a night club for Kim kissing him. He even wrote about the incident in his album The Eminem Show as "The Kiss(Skit)"Song.

Not just that....

They divorced after just two years of married life. Eminem even wrote a song called "Kim" and threw some major shade towards Kim through it.The song featured the murder of a wife, her husband and stepson in his 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP.The song had a great deal of violence and was filled with hate.Ouch!

#2 It didn't stop at that.

#2 It didn't stop at that.

Eminem further humiliated Kim at his "Up in Smoke Tour", to which he had invited Kim and his sister. He had promised not to sing the "Kim" song but instead ended up singing it any way. He even abused a blow-up doll, that symbolized Kim, by punching it in front of the audience. Kim was distressed and left the venue, crashing her car while doing so.

She even slit her wrists at her home in Detroit.

Still these two could not stay away from each other and remarried again in January, 2006. Kim later confessed that the wedding was rushed and the only reason she did it was because Eminem gave her an ultimatum.And it didn't last a long time either. Eminem filed for divorce by April 2006. They tried their best to make it work this time around but couldn't.

#1 They had to make a final call.

#1 They had to make a final call.

And so, both of them shared custody of Hailie. While, Eminem has full custody of Whitney and Amanda. Amanda is the daughter of Kim's twin sister who died of a drug overdose this January.

Eminem fought demons of his own along the way.

In his bid to cure his insomnia, Eminem got hooked on to prescription pills. And after a near death experience, went into rehab. He has been sober since 2008.

And so did Kim....

After the death of her sister Kim confessed to thinking about suicide, since she could not bear the loss. But has turned over a new leaf since then. And is raising her 3 daughters with Eminem by her side.

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