Former 'Two And A Half Men' Star Kid Is Now Completely Unrecognizable

He looks so cute....

Do you remember one of the famous historical shows 'Two And A Half Men' starring Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer? Do you remember that adorable kid with chubby cheeks who played the role of Cryer's son and won the hearts of millions? He was none other than Angus T. Jones. Not only this, he also starred in numerous popular movies like 'Bringing Down the House' and 'George of the Jungle 2'. He played the most adorable and hilarious role on that show from season 1 to season 10 as a regular cast.

Before landing the lead role as Jake Harper, Angus has also starred in numerous shows on the small screen like ‘Hannah Montana,’ ‘ER’ and ‘CSI.
Born in Austin, Texas, he starred as a child actor in many big hit films like ‘Bringing Down The House’ and ‘See Spot Run’ with David Arquette.

Being loved everywhere, this cute and adorable kid became the highest paid celebrity star at such a young age. You will be surprised to know that he was making an impressive $250,000 per episode as a child actor.

Continue reading to know more interesting facts about Angus.

One big moment came for this well-known actor when he made over $300,000 per episode. It is believed that he now has a net worth of $15 million. That is a very big amount!

Following his rant, he was written out of the CBS comedy with his character Jake joining the army, and had been sent to work in Japan. It was like old times seeing Angus on the screen, but we all really had so much fun with him in all his comedy shows. Didn't you?

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