Checkout All The Competitors Of The Hottest Weather Woman In This World

It has been a year since we first saw Yanet Garcia sizzling on our TV screens. Since then, she's got some competitors to face. Checkout all her competitors...

#3 Yanet Garcia

#3 Yanet Garcia

No matter what your profession is, looking attractive is always important. And in case your profession makes you appear in front of millions around the world simultaneously, looking attractive becomes a necessity.

No one other than Yanet Garcia can understand this better. A year ago, she became an instant sensation on the Internet thanks to her deadly looks and incredible anchoring skills.

#2 The Competition Was Hard

#2 The Competition Was Hard

She held on her position of being the hottest weather woman in this world in last one year but the competition wasn't easy. Countries around the world tried producing some amazingly attractive news anchors to give Yanet a hard time.

Every single woman looks as stunning as the other. Comparing women on the basis of their looks is wrong on our part but these pretty faces are just too pretty to resist.

Checkout the video ahead to see all the competitors of Yanet.

#1 The Video

This is an overload of extreme beauty. Despite attempts from Russia and Albania, Mexico is still the number one source for global weather reporting for most men. Ozzy Man says it best, "no one can turn left quite like Yanet Garcia."

Checkout the video. This will make your day.

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