After 34 Years Together, Goldie Hawn And Longtime Partner Kurt Russell Announce Life Changing News

The couple met in 1983 and they are inseparable ever since!

#3 The World Of Fame

#3 The World Of Fame

In the celebrity world of fame, news of break-ups and divorces is an everyday affair. However, there are also a few couples in the tinsel town who are beautifully cherishing their forever-love since they've met.

One of them is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. The couple met in the year 1983 and since then there's no looking back.

#2 The Immense Support

#2 The Immense Support

In the last 34 years, they have been supporting each other all too well. This year, both of them have earned the life-changing honor of each getting a star on the Walk-of-Fame after years of working hard in their careers.

Parents to their beautiful kids, Boston, Oliver, Kate, and Wyatt, Kurt and Goldie have never left each other's side. And while the couple is not married, they did share an equally exciting joint ceremony recently when Hollywood honored this legacy of love, family, and career with a star each on their world famous Walk-of-Fame.

#1 The Video From the Ceremony

Both Goldie and Kurt Russel owed their accomplishments to each other in their speech after being honored with a star in the hall of fame. Here's a short video from the ceremony

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