10 Unusual Things about Bruce Lee that You Would Love to Know

Some fascinating facts about Bruce Lee

Bruce lee is a name which needs no introduction. An iconic martial art fighter, an accomplished actor and a director.

He was a fighting machine and a master of martial arts in everyone’s eyes. But, there are certain fascinating things you are unaware of.

One of the unusual things about Bruce Lee is that he was an accomplished Cha Cha dancer.

You must have witnessed every single kick or punch that Bruce Lee makes in the movie with so much accuracy and detailing. Well, it all happens on the visual screen because his movement was slowed down in the movies in order to showcase the real action.

Related to his unknown dancing skills. Bruce Lee actually won the 1958’s Cha Cha Championship.

Bruce Lee, who was best known for his action and martial art skills had an amazing punching speed. He demonstrated the best of it by throwing 10 punches at Vic Moore, who himself was a black belt.

Get to know more fascinating truths about Bruce Lee in the later part.

Those who have watched the 1978 movie of Game of Death, might remember the casket scene which actually belonged to a Bruce Lee corpse.

One of the fascinating things described by Bruce Lee's co-star Chuck Norris was that Lee was the one who couldn't be beaten up by anyone.

Although Bruce Lee was Chinese, but in the majority of his English movies, he debuted himself in the same language.

Bruce Lee was so obsessed with learning martial arts, that he used to tell fellow students about the cancellation of class and he himself took the private lessons.

Some more facts are ahead about Bruce Lee’s amazing speed and agility

In reality, Bruce Lee was so fast in his fighting techniques, that he had once placed a coin on his opponent’s hand and snatched it and replaced it to another in a fraction of seconds.

You will not believe this, in the movie Fist of Fury, some of the Bruce Lee's stunts were actually performed by the well-known actor himself Jackie Chan.

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