You'll Never Buy Donuts Again After You See How Easy It Is To Make Them. No Fryer Needed.

Donuts are everybody's favourite sweet snack but it can sometimes become an expensive affair - either on your wallet or your tummy. With this magic recipe you get to trumo both those problems and get to enjoy guilt-free donuts!

#2 A Little About Donuts

#2 A Little About Donuts

Donuts are a ring-like piece of confectionery supposedly invented by the Dutch in the 19th century. Humans have loved donuts ever since. But the chief problem that still sticks to donuts, is that they're fried.

Today, you can get donuts at the mall that are absolutely delicious and come with a buttload of chocolate. They're addictive and expensive and flush your diet down the drain.

See what they'll do to you if you don't stop eating them!

Your Future

Your Future

I know, we've all been there. I always keep asking for "one last donut" too! And I really just want to keep going. This is what we will all look like a few years down the line.

Want to keep eating your donuts and still keep fit? I have a special recipe for you and it doesn't need a fryer! Keep reading to find out!

Your Future Reworked

Your Future Reworked

Quite a few fried items in the market now have a healthier alternative. You probably already guessed it by now. HINT: Potato chips. That's right, you can bake them! But now you're wondering how I'm going to apply that to your favorite donuts. Did you know donuts could be baked too? Now you can keep having your donuts and still look like this all your life! We've got the recipe and a guide video for you, keep reading to find out how.

#1 Baked Donuts!

YouTube user OnePotChefShow has a recipe to BAKE donuts. These are part cake nd part sugary sweet. They've also got druit in them! Oh my mouth was watering when I was writing this, wonder what you're feeling right now.

Because they're baked, you drop a huge chunk of oil from the recipe and put on less weight. What's more, you also get the satisfaction of having baked your own way to happiness!

Enjoy the video and don't forget to share this article with your favourite donut lovers!

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