This Character Is In serious trouble. Take a look...

If you are a major Game of thrones fan, you need to read this right now...

#3 Game Of Thrones

#3 Game Of Thrones

Let's face it, Game Of Thrones is arguably the most popular Tv show on Air right now. With every passing season, it is becoming more exciting. I believe, we don't need to tell you who Margaery Tyrell is if you are a religious GOT follower.

Have you yet noticed anything weird about her in this new season? In Sunday's episode, "Blood of my Blood," we saw Margaery Tyrell thwart her walk of atonement by supposedly forming a new alliance with Tommen between the crown and the faith.

So, what about it?

#2 That Scene

#2 That Scene

But at the same time, there was this scene in one of the episodes of the current season 6 where Margaery tried to convince her co-convict brother Loras to fight against the Sparrows. Has she jumped on the sides this quickly?

Here is where that very important scene from one of the previous seasons come into picture and put things in perspective.

Keep reading ahead to see what scene are we talking about and whose life is in danger.

#1 Too Many Hints

#1 Too Many Hints

So we were talking about this scene from season 4 where Olenna is helping Margaery choose jewelry for her wedding to Joffrey, and the soon-to-be queen makes a quip about wearing a necklace of "dead sparrow heads" that seems to hint at what's coming. Yup, sparrow in danger!

On the other hand, even Arya looks in trouble when she is asked whether she likes pretending to be other people and she says "I have to go. My father's waiting for me." Ohhh good lord, too many hints. Let's wait and watch and see what happens!

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