This Boy Stops Dozens In Their Tracks. Now Watch The Girl Sneak Up Behind Him And Do THIS

Commuters at the always busy Central Railway Station in Sydney are in for a HUGE surprise. Do watch the entire video!

#4 St. Patrick's Day

#4 St. Patrick's Day

It was St. Patrick's day and Central Railway Station in Sydney was bustling with people. Everybody seemed to be too busy with their own agenda but that changed in a split second!

Suddenly, something caught everybody's attention and one by one, everybody stopped doing whatever they were doing. Traditional Irish music had started playing in the train station's announcement system.

But that's not all that had happened! Keep reading!

#3 Tap Tap Tap!

#3 Tap Tap Tap!

Everybody had started looking around to see why there was music playing in the train station when suddenly a teenage boy took the walkway by storm! He began doing a traditional Irish dance right in the middle of the crowd!

Heads started turning one by one and people pulled up their cameras too. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a girl appeared and sneaked up behind him

What she did next too everyone by surprise! eep reading to find out!

#2 There She Is!

#2 There She Is!

While everybody was taken aback watching the boy do his thing, this girl sneaked up behind him and totally stole the spotlight. But not exactly.. because she joined him too!

And withing seconds, both of them were putting up quite a show for those lucky people who happened to be there at that time!

But it did not stop there!

#1 The Video

In no time, more people started joining. They went from two to three and three to five and so on. In no time, it was an entire flashmob! Right in the middle of one of the busiest stations of the world!

And we've got the video for you. You will definitely enjoy

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