They Came On Stage Wearing Nothing But Socks. And Not On Their Feet.

These guys were on a French TV show and it is just as humorous as it is acrobatic.

#3 Buckle Up!

#3 Buckle Up!

You must have seen quite a few talent shows. People around the world have come up with innovative ways to blow minds, time and again.

We've seen amazing dancers, singers, pet trainers and a lot lot more. But this one is nothing like you have ever seen before! I promise that!

Word of warning, your jaw is going to drop! So you better buckle up for this crazy video! And, oh, this one's for the ladies!

#2 Naked

#2 Naked

These dudes walked on stage WITHOUT PANTS! That's right, they were only wearing socks and not on their feet! Socks on their privates.

They weren't wearing pants, but they were wearing PANS! And then what they did next had me rolling on the floor laughing! This is one of the most hilarious videos I have ever seen!

Keep reading to watch the video!

#1 Watch It

Prepare to have your mind blown and to laugh your ass off! These guys are acrobatic as hell! Get ready! And here you go!

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