There Are Plenty Of Epic Christmas Light Shows Out There But This One Takes The Cake

This is so epic.

#3 The Johnson Family

#3 The Johnson Family

Christmas is a time to enjoy with your family. Just like this amazing family who came together during Christmas, we have another amazing family for you. We have the Johnson Family from San Antonio Texas. What's so special about them?

The Johnson family put up Christmas lights for the first time in 2013. They decided to pull out all the stops. If they were going to put up Christmas lights they would do it in their style. The light show was so good that they got featured on ABC in their first year!

This year the Johnson's have done it again. Watch just how amazing the 2015 light show was on the next page.

#2 Christmas Lights

#2 Christmas Lights

What is so amazing about the 2015 light show? Well, for one, this years display is a whopping 11 minutes long. Not impressed? The music used by the Johnson's is not your typical music. They create their own mix of EDM, dubstep and hip hop music with their own children's voices thrown into the mix.

We're not done yet. The lights that the Johnson's use are not traditional Christmas lights. They use special lights called Pixels. Pixels are similar to what you would see in a stadium Jumbotron. Each pixel can be controlled individually and set to any color and intensity. Are you getting as excited to see this video as I am? Go to the next page to watch it in all of its glory!

#1 The Video

This family just set the decorative bar really, really high. This light show is enough to get anyone in the holiday spirit. Share the video and share that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.

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