The Judges Laughed When This 'Redneck' Stepped On Stage. Seconds Later, He Left Them In Tears.

No wonder he won. Wow!

#3 Meet Kevin Skinner

#3 Meet Kevin Skinner

Never judge a book by its cover. Appearances can be deceiving, and that is exactly what this man was here to prove. Kevin Skinner walked up on to the stage of America's Got Talent. And the audience laughed. Why?

When he was asked his profession Skinner said he was a chicken catcher. The judges ask him how many chickens he catches in a day to which he answers,"I'm not really that good with math". The judges continued to laugh but once his performance was over nobody was laughing. As soon as they heard his singing the judges were all stunned. Just how good was he? Kevin Skinner went on to win the entire season of America's Got Talent. Watch his performance yourself, just go the next page.

#2 Be Prepared To Be Blown Away

#2 Be Prepared To Be Blown Away

Nobody expected a chicken catcher from Kentucky to go up on stage on a national television show and steal the heart of millions. He is sure to do the same to your heart once you watch this video. What song is he performing? Kevin is playing his version of Garth Brooks "If Tomorrow Never Comes."

The audience are skeptical of Kevin at first and are just waiting for the buzzer. But the judges and audiences are hooked as soon as he starts singing. If he had been buzzed Kevin would have to go back to catching chickens. Watch the video on the next page to see just how he turned his life around.

#1 Watch It

Once done with his performance, and after receiving glowing reviews from all the judges Skinner cannot believe his own happiness. Tears start streaming down his face as he meets with the host after the performance. He knows that he has been given this opportunity from god himself. Watch his reaction for yourself.

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