The Dancers Take Their Places - Their Next Move Sent Chills Down Everyone's Spine

As an audience prepares to be entertained by a dance team's performance, little do they know they'll actually be learning a valuable lesson.One of the greatest parts about a high school sporting event (besides the actual game) is the half-time performance.

#4 Fear

#4 Fear

Life can seem a little overwhelming at times. It has a way of coming around and knocking you down. And reality has a way of reminding you that all the stories and fairy tales remain just that. Just stories.

But we humans have invented a way of fighting this. Of reminding reality that we are not afraid of it. By making good and honest art. And what better art form than dance? This dance gave me the courage to go back and face another week at the job

#3 The Team

#3 The Team

The Mahomet-Seymour High School dance team made its way onto the basketball court. It was half time. Both the teams took breathers. So did the audience members.

They watched as the dance team took their positions. Everyone expected a pop song to start playing. Nobody expected this....

#2 What Are You Afraid Of?

#2 What Are You Afraid Of?

The song that started playing was a track called "What Are You Afraid Of" by Jon Jorgenson. An unusual choice for a group of high school girls.

But the performance that followed was also unusual. The performance was an interpretive dance to spoken lyrics. They ask just one question. "What room does fear have?"

#1 The Message

The powerful message combined with the girls incredible talent is one that gives you chills. Surely, the crowd left the game that night feeling more enlightened than when they walked in. Surely, you too will feel the same.

Share this story with everyone who needs it. Maybe the people around you need it a lot more than you. The message is unforgettable.

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