The 'Before' Looks Like A Total Mess. The End Result? Incredible!

The perfect holiday treat. Can't wait to try this.

#4 Cakes

#4 Cakes

Cooking is an art. And sweets and cakes are the penultimate of mankind's journey from a caveman to the video-calling,internet surfing humans of today. The ability to taste and enjoy flavors has fueled man's quest for the ultimate taste over the thousands of years on this planet.

Through these delicious cake mix hacks and this brilliant cake recipe man strives to reach the ultimate goal of making the most perfect cake. With this upcoming festive cake recipe we all come a bit closer to that goal....

#3 Candy Cane

#3 Candy Cane

The perfect cake also needs to suit the occasion perfectly. And with all the craziness already surrounding Christmas why not just make it a bit more crazier. This Cake will bring more color into your life just like its candy cane covering.

Yes, you heard right, Candy Cane, this cake is made with candy cane. Who came up with this brilliant idea?
Check Ahead.

#2 Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio

#2  Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio

We have for you Jen from Cookies, Cupcakes And Cardio to walk you through this fabulous cake step by step.

This is one colorful cake, using over 10 different colored icings! You also need a variety of colorful candy canes – the more color the better the results. Jen makes two round cake pans with colorful batter and then ices it in buttercream icing.

#1 The Video

Jen uses a variety of royal icing colors to decorate the top, along with crystals around the edges. With such a lavish cake on offer, your friends won't be able to resist coming over. Watch the video below to get the full instructions.

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