Sleepy Newborn Pugs Go To Bed. Now Watch The Puppy On The Far Left....

Just like human babies, puppies spend most of their time sleeping - and it's usually pretty adorable.With a whimsical nighttime melody playing in the ...

#3 This Video Is The Cutest

#3 This Video Is The Cutest

Babies are the most adorable creatures on this planet. No matter which species the baby is. It is still beautiful in its innocence and curiosity. A young mind and body has so much potential stored inside of it.

This upcoming video is probably the most adorable thing you have ever seen. The video shows six newborn pugs sleeping. This YouTuber records it as these pugs have their own private adventures off in dreamland. And then, something amazing happens. Go to the next page to find out what.

#2 Watch This And Fall In Love

#2 Watch This And Fall In Love

The video starts off with beautiful music playing in the background and the puppies lying on their backs. They slowly twitch in their sleep, probably dreaming about barking at people and peeing on things. One of the pups even has it's tongue out. Blissfully unaware that he is doing so, the puppy continues to dream and spread his little body.

This video is an obvious treat for all animal lovers. But even if the person watching was not an animal lover this video would make them fall in love with these pugs. They are just that adorable. Look at them in all their glory in the video on the next page.

#1 Spread The Love

This video is the ammo you need to turn that friend who doesn't like animals that much into a full fledged animal lover. It is just that cute. Watch it and spread the love by sharing it with all your friends.

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