Sixteen Ice Skaters Line Up In Four Rows. When The Music Starts, Keep Your Eye On Their Legs...

Ice skating isn't for everyone, sure, but a performance like this will leave even the hardest to please with their jaws on the floor. This routine won Canada's...

#3 A Beautiful And Dangerous Sport

#3 A Beautiful And Dangerous Sport

Ice Skating always felt like a dangerous sport to me. What if the ice was too thin and I fell through? What if it wasn't and I just fell and embarrassed myself? Finding it so difficult myself, I have always respected professional figure skaters. Not only do they manage to stay upright and pull off amazing stunts on ice, they also do it with a certain panache.

Figure skaters never fail to wow the audience and that is exactly what this team of figure skaters have done in this upcoming video. These beautiful ladies are part of the Canadian figure skating group Nexxice who managed to win the World figure skating performance in 2015 with this performance. Wanna know how they did it? Wanna know why the people watching literally had to pick their jaws off the ice? Go to the next page and find out.

#2 You Won't Be Able To Look Away

#2 You Won't Be Able To Look Away

Nexxice was originally the first Canadian team to win the world figure skating championship in 2009. They repeated this incredible feat again this year. In their own country Nexxice have been reigning as champions for the past 9 years(2007 - 2015). In this jaw dropping performance these girls performed to the tune of "Mud," by the Road Hammers.

Throughout the performance their technique remains absolutely flawless and each and every dancer remains in sync with the other 15. Nexxices original style is a change from all the sparkle figure skaters normally bring to the rink, these skaters dress themselves in sleek black skirts and leggings. Also trading in the conventional ballads they opted to perform to a song that was a lot more rock and roll and fun. You will not be able to take your eyes off them as you watch. Watch the video on the next page.

#1 Watch It And Share It To Spread The Love

Watch them in action yourself and witness just what years of practice and dedication can do. As figure skaters they do their job well and dazzle the audience and the viewer. Share it with your friends and family and watch them ooh and aah along with the choreographed moves.

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