Showdown Between Mongoose And Snakes Stuns Bystanders. Who Will Win?

Traffic came to a dead stop in whichever African country this was filmed in as people crowded around to watch one of the best 'street fights.'

#3 Cobras

#3 Cobras

Cobras are one of the most threatening looking snakes. Their hoods and intimidating upright stance make them one of the most iconic snakes on the planet. Their venomous bite has earned them feared respect.

A bite by a King Cobra can kill a man in merely thirty minutes. One bite is capable of killing about 20 men. Although the venom released by the King Cobra is not the most poisonous, because they release an huge quantity of it in one bite, King Cobras have killed elephants in a single bite.

The bitter rival of the Cobra, or any snake for that matter is the mongoose!

#2 The Mongoose

#2 The Mongoose

Cobras can kill most animals on the planet with one bite and human beings are profoundly scared of them. But there is one creature that is not only not afraid to face them but it also has them for dinner.

The King Cobra can kill within minutes but the mongoose can kill the Cobra in less. The Indian mongoose is used to fight and kill cobras because of their thick coat and sharp reflexes.

What happens when these two go head to head? Keep reading to find out and WATCH it with your own eyes!

#1 Wild vs. Wild

A mongoose and Cobra go head to head one the street and the action that ensues stops everyone in their tracks! This isn't Man vs. Wild, it's Wild vs. Wild and trust me, it gets really WIILD! Whom do you think will win?

You're gonna have to watch to find out!

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