She Rides Up On A Horse- Then Removes Her Cape And Stuns Everyone

This Is Spectacular...

#3 Talent

#3 Talent

Everyone in this world is talented. Its just that everyone needs to look into themselves to find their real talent which is hidden within. This pretty college girl named Laura Sumrall did the same. She is 23-years-old and stunned the audience with her freestyle routine during the 2015 Kentucky Reining Cup.

Laura is simply amazing. She took the Internet by storm this year when she pulled off an incredible performance. Showcasing her high level of skill and dedication to riding, Laura earned the title of World Freestyle Reining champion. To know what she did, check out the further pages...

#2 What Did She Do?

#2 What Did She Do?

So what exactly did Laura do? She set the stage early when she rode up on her horse and removed her purple cape to reveal a stunning outfit underneath. Then she and her horse, Wimpys Top Model, stunned the crowd even more with their amazing routine.

This real life wonder women who also happens to be the the senior captain of the women's equestrian team at Texas A&M, says her mom came up with the Frozen-themed idea, which has played a key part in the video's viral success. Check out the video of her performance on the next page...

#1 The Video

Laura's performance was undoubtedly the highlight of that night. "I've inspired a lot of little girls to really go out there and ride their ponies which makes me really happy," Laura says. She's a great rider and her horse, Wimpsys Top Model, has some impressive moves of his own. I loved watching every minute of these two! So check out this brilliant video now.

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