She Puts A Noodle Along The Shower Door - The Reason Is Absolutely Genius

She wanted bath time for her kids to be safe and fun, so she came up with these clever ideas which had them running to the bath.

#4 A Mother

#4 A Mother

A mother worries about her child no matter what the situation. Any way to keep her child safer or happier a mother has to try out. This is just what that is.

This is the return of the mom hack tips. These hacks will not only make your children happier and safer, it will also give you more time for yourself.

But what is the hack?

#3 Mom Tips

#3 Mom Tips

All mothers have gone through this trying time, and all expecting mothers dread it. Bath time - the time when the child is attacked with soap, water, shampoo and all kinds of other things that they don't understand.

Crying is just their natural way of saying that they are scared. But this natural way of communication can be quite a pain for the person bathing the child. Don't worry! These hacks will make those problems disappear!

#2 A Fun Bath

#2 A Fun Bath

The video gives you 12 brilliant ideas to make bath time a lot easier on you and the children. Some of them are:

1. Non-slip decals on the bath tub floor and rubber noodles along the side.
2. Put glue on the small opening of the squirt and squeak toys so that no mold would build up on the inside.

#1 The Video

Not just safer the video also gives suggestions that are fun for the kids. Like, filling up little bowls of shaving cream for some fun for the kids and no extra work for the parents.

Share these helpful tips with all of the parents you know. They might find it a lot more useful than you.

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