She Dips a Mug Into A Bowl Of Water And Nail Polish. What She Makes Is The Perfect DIY Gift

Creativity at its best...

#2 Gifts

#2 Gifts

Let's start counting the occasions in which we gift things to others. Valentines, birthdays, anniversary's, special days, new years, All the festivals and etc. You can't really go out to buy gifts for everyone every time, right? So why not make it yourself? Here we tell you how to make Watercolor Coffee Mugs by yourself.

Its not that complicated, trust me. And the things that you need to make these mugs are a part of your everyday life. So check out the requirements and steps to make these cool and brilliantly designed coffee Mugs on the next page along with the video that gives you a step by step visual representation of this Mug's making...

#1 The Method

This beautifully patterned mug is created in no time without wasting much energy.So to make these very cool customized coffee mugs, you need some water, nail polish, a toothpick and a cheap, ceramic mug. All these things are present in your house itself.

I am sure you've already taken the names of the people you want to gift this in your head. So without wasting much time, check out the video and note down each and every step of this very innovative and creative DIY...

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