She Cuts Into An Old Sweater. The End Result? I NEED To Make One!

This is genius!

Get Rid Of Those Old Clothes

Get Rid Of Those Old Clothes

Old clothes are a bother. You can't wear them, you don't want to just throw them out because of all the memories. No, the only purpose old clothes serve is to remind you just how fat you have gotten over the years. So what do we do about them? We recycle them. And then we reuse them. How? By cutting them down to size and showing them whose boss.

The hardest part to recycling and revamping your own closet is where to begin. You won't just rip that gorgeous dress you found on sale all those years ago first now will you? Not to worry, we have a foolproof plan to get you started on this journey. Not only do we have the perfect thing for you to start with. We also give you some great ideas to start off. So what are you waiting for?

An Old Sweater

An Old Sweater

So what is this magical item that we will start off with? It's simple; all you need is an old sweater. Old sweaters are easy to find. They are all probably in that forgotten pile over there in the corner of your cupboard somewhere. Sweaters are the perfect item for you to start your journey. You generally don't even need sweaters until it's winter. And once it is winter you need not only sweaters but also gloves, caps and the whole attire that goes with it.

Of course now that you have the idea I'm pretty sure you are already raring to go with scissors in hand and perfect clothes in mind. But wait just a second, hold your horses and watch this video. This video teaches you how to take an old useless sweater, cut out its bottom half and make a new and trendy beanie. Want to know how?

Trend Up Your wardrobe Now

Just watch this video. All you need is an old sweater, some scissors and something to paste them both together. The girl in the video uses glue, however, we would recommend sewing them together to make sure that new change lasts. She gives you detailed instructions on how to go about doing this. All you need to do is watch and be amazed.

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