Do you believe in magic?

The Wonders of Magic

The Wonders of Magic

We all want to believe in magic. When a magician goes up on stage and tries to show the audience a few magic tricks he decides to transport the people in the room back to their childhood. Back when they did believe in magic. Back when they wanted to believe.

This video shows you an illusion created by the magician Shin lim. Shin lim has worked hard for 7 years to reach here. He puts a new spin on old favourite and fools even Penn and Teller.

Be Amazed

Who are Penn and Teller? Penn and Teller are world famous magicians, with their own headlining magic show at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Apart from the show they also run a world famous television show titled "Penn & Teller: Fool Us". In the show they invite magicians such as themselves to perform and fool them with their illusions.

The prize is to perform as the opening act to their Magic act on Las Vegas garnering the performer some heavy publicity.That being said, Penn & Teller have been performing since the 1970s, fooling them is not an easy task. Watch as Shin Lim performs this task with ease, amazing everyone watching.

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