Man Isolates Himself In The Desert For 25 Years.What He Reveals Inside This Tunnel?OMG


#3 Meet Ra Paulette

#3 Meet Ra Paulette

When you walk into a cave in new mexico you expect to find nothing more than rocks and sand. But this man made it his life mission to change that. This man named Ra Paulette. This man has spent the last 25 years of his life carving these caves from the inside.

Prepare to be blown away by this mans hard work who has carved cathedral-like temples out of naturally gorgeous caves. The tiny openings that lead into these caves pale in comparison to the caverns he has dug inside. With over 900 hours of hard work under his belt and only his dog for company Ra Paulette's work is nothing to be scoffed a. Enter the cave with us and explore his mind-blowing world. Just go to the next page.

#2 Enter His World

#2 Enter His World

Using only hand tools Ra Paulette turns natural caverns into beautiful underground sculptures. He follows his own vision in shaping his creations. Without having had a degree in architecture or interior decoration his work is a true example of pure love and dedication towards his craft. The man interviewing asks Ra if he thinks it is an obsession for him to Make these caves and he replies with, "Is a child obsessed with play? I do not really like the word obsessed. When you are doing what you love it's not work it's a form of play.

These caves are massive in scale and simply take your breath away as soon as you enter. With his caves the man hopes to open up peoples feelings. He calls his designs the wilderness shrines.One of these shrines is called "the tree of human kindness" and upon entering, you get a sense of being enveloped by a tree. Some columns inside reach up to 30-40 feet high.Don't just take our word for it, play the video on the next page and enter the wondrous caves of Ra Paulette yourself.

#1 Not About The Money

He makes merely 12 dollars per hour to do it for local property owners and they are now putting them on the market for up to 1 million dollars each! So far, he has made around a dozen caves all commissioned by nearby residents. One of the caves even has working electricity, hardwood floors and even a bathroom with running water! It took him 2 years to complete this home. For him, it was never about the money but always about the process. Watch the master at work in this amazing video

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