Judges Did Not Take Them Seriously, But When They Start Dancing, Everyone Was Stunned!

Irish dance crew Prodijig blew everyone away on the third season of Got To Dance in the UK! So much so, that they won the entire thing! And rightfully so...

#4 Dance

#4 Dance

Dance is one of the most celebrated forms of art throughout human history. And why not? Everybody loves it. It is a pleasure to watch and a pleasure to perform as well. Don't miss the video on next page.

Dancers have time and again pushed boundaries and just when you thought everything had been tried, they amazed us with absolutely new stuff! Hope you didn't miss these ballet dancers' tribute to the legendary rock anthem Bohemian Rhadsody by Queen. Check it out and come back here because we've got more interesting dance stuff for you.

#3 Dance And Pop Culture

#3 Dance And Pop Culture

Got To Dance in the UK is one such ultra-popular show in England and it is so full of talented people. Here's something from the third season that will blow you away.

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#2 Meet Prodijig

#2 Meet Prodijig

This dance crew hails from Ireland and lit the stage on fire. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. They weren't taken seriously by the judges initially. Nothing like sticking it to someone's face, and that too so gracefully!

#1 Prodijig In Action

Watch their incredible routine as it takes your senses captive. It's a vibrant mix of traditional Irish step dancing with their own modern touch. Watch and share! You don't want to be the only one having fun!

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