He Starts By Laying Bacon Around This Pain - How He Fills It Has My Mouth Completely Watering

Chef Michael Smith has created a bacon lovers dish that will have you running to the kitchen right now to make it. His Bacon Cheddar Tart is filled with everyone's...

#2 Like Bacon? This Is Every Bacon Lover's DREAM. I'm Running To Try it.

#2 Like Bacon? This Is Every Bacon Lover's DREAM. I'm Running To Try it.

This might be the ultimate bacon-based recipe ever.We can bet that You will watch this, and then you will definitely want to make this as soon as you can! It looks that good. Ingredients that it will take are none other than the big three: bacon, potatoes, and cheddar cheese. Three powerhouses that when combined the right way will create a dish that is out of this world delicious.

To start with,take a pan and line it with bacon.Then slice the potatoes very thin, layering them on top of the bacon.Next is the cheddar cheese. Now keep repeating this bacon/potato/cheese layering until you fill up the pan.It takes about two and a half hours at 350 degrees, but the wait is definitely worth it as you will soon be smelling the mouth watering aroma of this amazing combination as it permeates throughout your home.

Check the awesome video on the next page and then be ready to welcome your guests with this delicious meal.

#1 Video

This is perfect for cooking during a party, as your guests will be driven crazy in anticipation for this spectacular pleasure food to come out of the oven!

Give it a try and share this with your friends and family .

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