Get Ready For Some Weirdest Answers About US Military History

Get Ready For Some Weirdest Answers About US Military History

If you had a hard day and want to relax a bit with some funny stuff, this video is specially made for you. It cannot get funnier. Take a look...

#3 The Quiz

#3 The Quiz

If you call yourself a citizen of a particular country, you are at least expected to have a general idea about its History, culture etc. If you mess up with those details, not even god can save you!

O'Reilly factor went all the way to Long Island for the World Memorial Day's Quiz. Questions like Who is Lincoln, Who won the Civil War etc were asked. The answers to these questions are hilarious.

#2 The Answers

#2 The Answers

The answers are hilarious. This is outstanding and funny but at the same time, you can't be this dumb regarding the History of your own country.

Most of the answers surveyed were a big Fail and if they would have been in school, trust me they would have bagged an "F" in their tests. Look at the image, this is one of the answers a girl gave.

Keep reading ahead to see the entire video.

#1 The Video

You will be amazed by the answers these people gave. They had hilarious answers to when and how the civil war started or who won it. They even had funny answers for who attacked Pearl Harbour.

Checkout the video here.

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