Dad Has THIS Photoshopped Off Baby Girls Face, Then Mom Can't Believe What He's Done!

This is overwhelming.

#4 Days Without Photoshop

#4 Days Without Photoshop

Nothing can be better than natural beauty. The days when photoshop wasn't introduced were more simpler. People were not obsessed with everything looking perfect.

A lot of people agree with this fact. But everything has a good side also. If you see what Nathen Steffel did with the image-editing tool, you will definitely change your mind.

#3 Without The Needles

#3 Without The Needles

Nathen's daughter Sophia, who was born with a liver condition called hepatic hemangioma, was constantly being poked with needles. He and his wife had never seen their baby without invasive tubes.

She was supposed to be in the hospital for her whole life. They both wanted to see her without the needles. KEEP ON READING TO KNOW WHAT HE DID TO MAKE IT HAPPEN....

#2 Social Media And It's Effect

#2 Social Media And It's Effect

Nathen posted a picture of his baby girl on the social media site Reddit and asked people to remove the tubes from the photo.

He got overwhelming response. People all over the world used their skills to remove the tubes of baby Sophia and revealed her beauty and grace. Some of them even drew her portrait.

#1 Happy Ending

The Couple rejoiced with the results they got. See more on this story here and be sure to SHARE it with your friends and family if you like it.

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