World's Most Handsome Horse, You Will definitely Fall In Love With His Beaauty

Many are calling him the world's most handsome horse.

Horses are one of the most loved creatures one can have. They can be your true companions during your hardest time.

The United States has got a new contender to title as the world's most beautiful creature. Meet Frederik The Great, a breathtakingly beautiful Friesian stallion.

According to his owners, “Frederik is considered to be one of the most Photographic Friesians in the world, his beautiful Photographs taken by the amazing Photographer Cally Matherly has been admired by millions worldwide.”

His fan page has over 26,000 likes on Facebook and his majestic look has surfaced many hearts all over the Internet.

This gentle giant is also called as “the Labrador in hooves”. Though his breeder is located in the Ozarks, but he often travels all over the world for shows and booked events.

Do you want to know why he is so famed all around, scroll down to read

He looks like a normal horse from behind, but when he turns around, you will surely fall in love with his beauty, why?

This highly acclaimed horse has a muscular build with long striking black features and flowing mane.

Nothing quite beats his long, jet black hair waving in the wind which makes him look strikingly handsome and even mesmerising.

A horse you could spend the rest of your life with… Isn't it?

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