Woman Asks Dog To 'Bark Softly', What He Does Next Is Adorable!

If you don't love canines yet, this article is going to make you want to go and adopt one now!



Dogs are the best thing to happen to mankind. They are kind, loyal and bring an instant smile to your face!

Those who are pet parents would agree!



Shiba Inu dogs are extra cute. Along with their likelihood of looking like absolute furballs, they are a rare variety originating from Japan!

They are easily trainable and love company. So if you have a budding family and are looking for a canine to complete the picture, you know which one to bring home!



Because they are obedient and calm are beings, these dogs are easily trainable!

So while your Pug may refuse to leave the ground and go fetch, your Shiba Inu will do everything from fetching to playing a keyboard!

Check out a skilled Shiba Inu in the video below!



This Shiba Inu for example, will blow your mind with its perfect barking skills!

When the woman asks him to bark softer, he does and then he keeps going lower till its almost a whisper!

This video will make your heart melt with all that cuteness. So much for a treat!


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