Villagers Thrashed It Beyond Mercy Thinking It Was An Alien....But The Truth Is Heartbreaking

It was an alien-like creature but it wasn't an alien.

#5 Fear

#5 Fear

There is a very thin line between fear and curiosity. But the difference it makes is immense. With curiosity, you just might discover something that you might have overlooked or clear up a simple misunderstanding or find something wholly new. But with fear, you just lock yourself up and hate anything that is even remotely new or unknown. Fear makes you do things that might seem right at that moment but is terribly wrong every other moment.

#4 Alien

#4 Alien

Not quite long ago, there emerged the reports of sightings of an alien-like creature in the SBU village forest area in Brunei, Malaysia. This odd appearance of a creature they had never seen before, unnerved the villagers who promptly chased and thrashed the alien-like creature with sticks and stones.

The news took the internet by storm with many people criticizing the way the situation was handled.

#3 The Truth

#3 The Truth

Look at this creature. If it could be harmed with merely sticks and stones, does it seem like it's capable of much harm?

Turns out the poor creature wasn't an alien but actually a severely malnourished sun bear which suffered from alopecia, a disease which causes baldness in bears.

As soon as this information came out, the Malaysian authorities were notified.

Did they find it? Read on to know!

#2 Poor Bear

#2 Poor Bear

It took them four months, but the authorities finally managed to track it down and capture it.

It was found on a plantation and the animal rescue team took charge of capturing it. The poor bear was severely frightened and really defensive in the beginning. But once it was fed food and given some water, it calmed down considerably.

#1 Inhuman

Just imagine. You are a poor creature who is suffering and you are treated the way the poor sun bear was. These are creatures that can't speak and the impressions we make as humans are imprinted forever in their memories and it takes a long time for them to overcome their fear once developed.

Just look at the way the poor bear acted after being rescued....

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