VIDEO: Someone Starved This Dog To The Brink Of Death, But What Happens Next Is Unbelievable!

This poor creature was starved beyond anything. You could see its skeleton even!

#3 A dog was starved purposefully.

#3 A dog was starved purposefully.

When the Rescue From The Hart in California received information about a dog being starved purposefully. They rushed to the spot. When they arrived at the scene, their heart broke at what they saw....

They could see every bone in the poor dog's body.

Correction-There was nothing there except for the skeleton. But it did have one other thing- life. She was barely hanging on. But she was alive.

#2 The poor thing could even stand.

#2 The poor thing could even stand.

Clearly a result of being starved over a duration of months. As a result, the poor dog's organs had begun to shut down. She was going to die. There were slim chances of her being alive.

But a promise was made.

The poor baby was named Angel and her rescuers made a promise to her.That they would not give up on her. Ever.

And so began the fight. Check out the video in next section

#1 It was a constant battle.

Poor Angel could not be fed normal meals even. Because too much food at once would have been fatal to her. So everything had to be done one step at a time..... One tiny step at a time.

With her strength, she regained her spirit as well.

Watch her miraculous journey right now!

Fight for the animals who can't fight for themselves.

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