VIDEO: Buffalo Takes Revenge On Lion In INCREDIBLE Fight To Death

This shows vengeance!

#3 The Two Wild Creatures

#3 The Two Wild Creatures

It is always awful to watch animals fight and when they are two wild and savage animals fights, the sight of them fighting gets almost impossible to watch.

This is one of those animals fights between the two wild and unique animals, Lion and Buffalo. Well typically, the bison avoids getting in a fight with a lion though it is bigger in size! But this is far from usual!

#2 What A Fight

#2 What A Fight

The buffalo is in no mood to let the lion go from its clutches, the way it gets in a savage fight is really wild and unexpected from its side.

It is as if it is taking some kind of vengeance from the seasoned lion. Watch till the end of the video to see what happens after the fight

Catch the entire video of the sequence in next section

#1 The Video

Though the lion has sharp claws, but here, with its impeccably giant size, this buffalo completely nailed the kind of the forest! The way it gets over the lion and fights with him full fledged happens almost NEVER!

Watch it for yourself in the video underneath!

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