This Owl Is Trapped And Exhausted- But Watch The Unexpected Reaction When A Man Tries To Help

Animals give the best response!

Animals have their own distinct way of responding to the humans! Once they know that you're concerned about them, they shower you with lovely gestures! This one is yet another amazing watch as the owl responds to the man.

This happened at the Lost Creek Country Club in Austin, Texas where golfers often go fishing for the missing ball in the water! However, this time, it wasn't the case, it was something else that caught the attention of Craig Loving

Craig Loving was just walking near the creek when something caught his attention. It was an owl that was sitting in the same spot for long. The employees finally realised that the poor bird is stuck after noticing that it didn't move a bit from last 12 hours!

Read on to know what Craig did to help the poor bird.

The owl was accidently wrapped in fishing line and hence it could not fly away. However, it was fortunate enough that it had found a perch that enabled it to remain just out of the water.

Craig approached the bird slowly with a pair of pliers. He saw that the bird was completely stuck in the fishing line and hence, after cutting one line of the fishing net, he unwrapped the bird's leg thereby freeing it.

Its reactions were indeed priceless. Go ahead and check out the video!

Though the bird was freed, it was really exhausted and could barely move a bit! “He kept slamming his beak down… but I kind of talked to it a little bit,” said Craig. “So we got a shovel and took the shovel handle and used it as a perch, then I walked him out of there.”

Check out the video here

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