VIDEO: This Man Found A Shark Egg.. When He Tries To Open It..FASCINATING!

Have you ever seen a minor shark leaving its egg shell some time recently? If not, then you need to see this video.

#3 His Curiosity Made Him Do This.

#3 His Curiosity Made Him Do This.

Seeing a little life entering this world is a real treat to the eyes. This guy just got his part. He was out with his friend to the shores where they came across this bamboo shark's egg. Having a minimal clue whether the life inside is alive or not, they got it home.

See further to know where does this curiosity brings to them.

#2 He Tries To De-shell The Baby.

#2 He Tries To De-shell The Baby.

Getting home, they'd put them in a jar of water and began to carefully cut the shell with scissors. Watching for the baby animal's head, he delicately opened up the egg.

Go on to see what surprise does this brown pouch gives them.

#1 No Less Than A Miracle.

The moment he splits up the shell, Bam! look what he gets, quirky little freak springs out of his walls and makes a high jumps up with joy. I bet even you've never had an opportunity to see such awestruck thing live.

Watch the full video of how this small infant transforms from being inside to coming out of the walls. It will totally get your heart.

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