This Gorilla Is Sweeping The Web Crazy, See As He Turns Around

Meet the gorilla who swaggers like a man - on two legs instead of the usual four.

#5 Magnificent Gorilla - Ambam

#5 Magnificent Gorilla - Ambam

Ambam, a silverback gorilla & an in-house zoo resident of the local Port Lympne Wild Animal Park located in Kent, which can be found in England.

He looks just like the other gorillas of his breed, but he has some special talents which make him outstand.

#4 Talented and Popular…

#4 Talented and Popular…

Ambam can walk upright on two legs, just like a human! Six feet tall and thirty-four stones – a magnificent sight, Ambam standing on his two legs.

He is a hugely popular internet star and fans favourite of the zoo visitors due to his endless charms.

#3 Whoa… What a Talent!

#3 Whoa… What a Talent!

The zoo scientists say that this fascinating trick was never taught to him and he learned it by his own merely by watching and imitating the zoo keepers.

He developed this skill over a period of hard work. Initially, he began by learning to balance on two legs and once he had perfectioned in it he stepped to the next level of walking short distances.

Now, Ambam is an expert of balance, perfecting his posture while walking on twos.

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#2 Fan Following…

#2 Fan Following…

Ambam, the western lowland gorilla, due to his exceptional talent has a large fan following. This happened after his video was put on the internet by the zoo’s visitors who recorded him walking all around his large enclosure.

One of the videos, put up by the park itself was viewed by over a quarter of a million people! It is because of Ambam’s that the number of visitors who come to The Port Lympne Wild Animal Park has increased significantly.

#1 Ambam’s extraordinary ability.

Check out Ambam’s extraordinary ability that has made him a star.

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