This Dude Gave His Dog 5 Tattoos And We Are Not Okay With That

This Dude Gave His Dog 5 Tattoos And We Are Not Okay With That

No sir, we are definitely not okay with that.

#3 Tattoos

#3 Tattoos

Most people have a desire to get inked, for personal and other reasons as well. To remember, to cherish, to symbolize or simply to make a statement, people get tattoos for all kinds of reasons.

But why would animals get tattooed?!

They most certainly don't ask for it. And it pains like hell when you get a tattoo. Are animals really equipped to cope with that kind of pain?

NO! They are not!

#2 Looks like this dude didn't get the message

#2 Looks like this dude didn't get the message

A tattoo artist from Brazil called Emerson Damasceno is at the receiving end of the wrath of many people around the world.

The reason you ask? It's quite simple actually......

He tattooed his bull terrier!

Damasceno is receiving heat from animal activists all around the world after he posted a picture of his pet covered in tattoos. He is being accused of animal cruelty.

You know what he said when asked why he did it?

#1 Lies....Lies

#1 Lies....Lies

Damasceno said he inked his bull terrier because he thought it would protect his pet from cancer. But as to from what kind of cancer is still unclear.

Damasceno's girlfriend even defended him by saying that they visited a vet before getting the dog inked. But vets have denied this claim.

Damasceno who had posted two pictures of the dog- a before and after picture(the poor dog had got tattoos even in his inner ears), soon deleted the post as well as his account after the outrage.

There is no word yet if any police are investigating animal cruelty because of what Emerson did to the dog, but it is clear that his following on social media wanted nothing to do with it.

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