This Beautiful Belgian Draft Horse Gave Birth To Dainty Twin Foals.

Meet the tweenies, Lisa and Fien.

#3 Rejoicing Motherhood!

#3 Rejoicing Motherhood!

The term motherhood in itself is special. Be it for animals or humans, every female desires to experience this out of the ordinary moment even its just for once in her entire life. Seeing your little ones grow old in front of you is a blissful treat to eyes,indeed.

This Belgian Draft Horse had her moment recently when she gave birth to her twins, Lisa and Fien.

#2 Nurtured With Love!

#2 Nurtured With Love!

While they stick by her side, afraid to lose her even for a moment, she soothes away their worries and comforts them with immense affection. Playing on their own, these babies are surely little bunch of happiness to see. Bewitched, mommy horse stays close to the twins and feds them,taking pride on her motherhood.

But look, who's come to visit them on the next page.

#1 Hey There!

This little fella fears none and approaches the family to welcome the new members. The mother horse is giant in front of her but her love overcomes the fear anyway. Also, Lisa and Fien and happy to find a new friend to play with, trying to befriend with her.

Watch the video below of this beautiful bond.

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