The Tiny White Dog Heard The Poor Baby Cry And Did This To Make The Baby Happy! So Cute!

The most unlikely guardian with the most unlikely methods of soothing a baby. The joys of having a pet and baby at home!

#3 Dogs And Babies

#3 Dogs And Babies

When you have a dog, it's the baby of the house. You pamper it and spoil it silly. Raise them right and you have nothing to worry about!

Then there are babies...human babies....bundles of joy? Definitely. But sometimes they tend to get a bit overwhelming.

Sometimes we need help...any kind of help...and when that helps arrives in the form of a four-legged furry companion, it makes the whole moment kinda endearing.

#2 The Crying Baby

#2 The Crying Baby

There's nothing more complex than getting to know the workings of babies mind. But there's something about dogs they can't help but be fascinated by! Especially when the dog becomes its friend!

In this video, the baby is crying, having been upset by something. And next to it is a tiny furry white dog that takes matters into its own paws....

#1 Watch the video!

The way the baby and the dog are, it's so lovely! And the dog! How it knew what to do! That's terrific! Who needs toys when you got a live toy to do your beckoning and soothing!

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