The Priceless Reaction - Mountain Lion Finally Freed After 20 Years Of Captivity

No animal deserves to be chained or abused like this! Read about Musafa's incredible story.

#5 Just Imagine Yourself Chained…

#5 Just Imagine Yourself Chained…

Can you imagine being chained for most of your lifetime?

Though luckily humans never have to imagine this in fact even in Peru, wild animals in circuses are banned. However, most circuses did not follow through with the law when it was implemented and instead kept wild animals in their act.

#4 The Rescuers - ADI

#4 The Rescuers - ADI

Poor Mufasa who spent 20 years in captivity as part of a cruel travelling circus has been set free. All thanks to Animal Defenders International (ADI) not to stand this kind of behaviour. They tracked down each animal one by one and rescued them from their captivity.

Thanks to their firm determination, Mufasa was the last wild animal to be rescued from a Peruvian circus.

#3 Relieved From Forced Circus Servitude

#3 Relieved From Forced Circus Servitude

The conditions in which Mufasa lived left him in no shape to be returned to the wild. Thus, ADI built him a custom enclosure at a sanctuary located in the Peruvian forest.

There, Mufasa was looked after and cared for in the most natural habitat nature could have provided for him.

Read on to know his challenges.

#2 Severe Health Issues!

#2 Severe Health Issues!

Mufasa’s life in the circus, including being chained to the bed of a pick-up truck, had done severe damage to his health, along with him dealing with kidney failure and other age-related issues.

Though Mufasa did not get to experience his freedom for very long, the fact that ADI still gave him the opportunity to know what it’s like is a blessing in disguise.

Unfortunately, Mufasa passed away in December 2015 following a few months of freedom.

#1 Natural Habitat - Difference In Mufasa…

It is magical to see him moving about in and out of the trees in his own piece of protected forest. Check out this video….!

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